Ni + Victor | A Sunrise 18th Anniversary Session at The Lincoln Memorial and The War Memorial in Washington D.C.

As wedding and portrait photographer based in Northern Virginia, Xiao and I are always behind the camera busy documenting our couples and families life story, and we truly love it! We love the fact that we can offer this service to our couples and families to treasure the sweet seasons in their lives, and often we feel so honored to be included in these meaningful life stories. Every time when we started to edit the photos, I’ve always said to Xiao that I love  these life moments so much that I wanted her to capture some for my husband and I. Well it finally happened this May on our 18th anniversary, and we are so happy and grateful for Xiao’s talent and help! 

On the morning of the shoot, my and husband and I got up at 3am in the morning to get ready, and by 4:40am we were on our way to do a sunrise Lincoln Memorial Anniversary photo session. When we arrived, the sun just began to rise, so we quickly we took some shots right in front of the reflection pool. Next, we went up to shoot in the marvelous white hallway of the Lincoln Memorial. Gosh, let me just say that we’ve witnessed the most gorgeous sunrise there. DC’s morning is absolutely breath-taking, and no wonder so many people wake up early to go watch sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial! Do it at least once if you live in DMV area, and we promise you that it will be an unforgettable experience!  

Back to the session now (sorry, the older I get, the more I appreciate the beauty the nature has to offer lol)… After Lincoln Memorial, we also walked over to the War Memorial for more portraits. And we were so very glad that we did see any cicadas on the ground. This place has its own beauty too and the best part is that no one was around, so we quickly shot what we needed and left. 

Oh after that, Xiao and I went to photograph a lifestyle newborn session in Springfield, Virginia. Baby Quinn was just so perfect, and you can see the blog here. By the time we drove home to Fredericksburg, Virginia, we both were exhausted, but the day was so productive and worthy it. The images here will speak for itself. 

Thank you my BFF and my business partner Xiao for this anniversary photo shoot, and we’ll forever treasure these timeless images!

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