Kassandra + Mo | A Sunrise Engagement Session at The Lincoln Memorial and The War Memorial in Washington D.C.

Thanks to Laila Channel Studio, we had the pleasure of meeting Kassandra and Mo at the Lincoln memorial on a beautiful late May morning. From the very first zoom call, we knew that we would hit it off and have a great time together. Kassandra expressed that due to camera-shy she was a little worried about their engagement session during our zoom meeting. After assuring her the session would be “a piece of cake” with our gentle posing instructions, she was excited for it. On the day of the session, BOY, did these two love birds show up well prepared for the session. Both the formal and the casual outfits were well thought out! We stopped at two iconic locations during the engagement session. First is the Lincoln Memorial, and second is the War Memorial. No matter how many time we’ve shot there, we still love it so much for its epic backdrops! As you can already tell from the very first photo above, they got all the pretty sunlight! While taking photos, Kassandra and Mo shared with us the sweet story of how they met on Match.com, how they couldn’t stop talking to each other and fell in love, and how Mo surprised her and proposed to her at the National Harbor during pandemic. These two will get married next summer at the beautiful venue of the Dominion Country Club in Richmond, Virginia. We can’t wait to share this big day with them next year! 


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